The Clueless Roxon Lets the Australian Health System Remain in the Dangerous Era of Pen and Ink.

It is now quite simple. If the outcome of COAG is as reported – and e-Health has been deferred / cancelled - then the present Federal Health Minister literally has ‘blood on her hands’

The news is as follows.

Colin Barnett says health funding priority for Kevin Rudd

Article from: AAP

November 28, 2008 04:54pm

THE Rudd government's contribution towards health funding is the top priority at a meeting of the nation's leaders, WA Premier Colin Barnett says.

Premiers and chief ministers meet Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Treasurer Wayne Swan at the Council of Australian Government on Saturday.

An $11 billion plus package for hospitals, education and housing was presented to state and territory treasurers on Friday.

Two thirds of the $11 billion is expected to go towards health.


``Two areas of disappointment - it appears that the national partnership program on improving cancer treatment and e-health it looks like that's been pushed into future years or let go,'' Mr Barnett said.

E-health, which would transfer papers and records from GPs to hospitals to electronic form could increase the efficiency of the health system, Mr Barnett said.

Full article here:,27574,24721357-2761,00.html

Multiple other reports carry the same comments.

The bottom line is this.

Medical Errors Kill People.

E-Health can prevent some of these. You don’t start implementation and you have to accept the fact your inaction in this area is actually killing people, over time.

Pretty easy to follow.

To get started and make the system systemically a lot safer might have taken a quarter of the planned budget on clinical training and the money would have been well spent.

Just how dare they not provide some small start up funds to start work on implementation of the Deloittes National E-Health Strategy after all the time, effort and money that has been wasted to date! That at least would have been a helpful signal for maybe further funding from the Health Infrastructure Fund early next year.

It seems all the changes at NEHTA have made no difference to the COAG outcome. Those involved should now surely re-consider the place in the e-Health scheme of they have clearly failed in the task they had to persuade Government to invest in e-Health.

Ms Roxon, you are a minister and you then have to accept the consequences of both your actions and inactions. Pity you don’t understand health and the health system.

You have failed on this one!

Before too many die, can I suggest you reconsider.


PS . Nothing personal against the Minister! – this is just a total policy stuff up from the bureaucrats.


PPS. Sorry, and apologies, to all if zillions have been committed and Mr Barnett got it wrong!



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