Canada Health Infoway Allocated Half A Billion in 2009 Canadian Budget

This just arrived.


Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) is very pleased to inform you of our allocation of $500 million in the recently announced 2009 Federal Budget. There is no doubt the infusion of these funds will have a positive effect on Canada from both a health care and an economic perspective.

Over the next two years, Canadians can expect to see the positive impact of our efforts to modernize health care with information technology. Not only will this funding go a long way in supporting e-Health projects throughout Canada, but it will also create tens of thousands of jobs across various sectors, including but not limited to the health IT industry.

Continued collaboration with all of our partners will remain critical to Canada’s continued success in implementing electronic health record (EHR) systems. To this end, we look forward to working with our partners as we redouble our efforts to forge ahead to accelerate the implementation of EHR systems across Canada. We will continue to keep you informed of major developments as they occur.

On behalf of Infoway and its partners, I want thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Your ongoing interest and contributions have been important to Infoway and the future of health care in Canada.

To find out more about electronic health record systems and the progress across Canada, visit us at

Yours truly,

Richard Alvarez

President and CEO


We now have Australia as the hold out for delivering a major Health IT Investment plan among all the advanced democracies.

We also have NEHTA apparently thinking it can just arbitrarily change its mandate – despite having a written constitution that defines what it should do – and to be doing that in the absence of a published plan and any serious public consultation. This is public sector management of remarkably low responsibility and accountability. (See comments in previous blog).

As noted in the previous post we need to hear from the Federal Minister sooner rather than later as to just what is planned so industry and the public sector can plan how move on with some confidence.



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