Professor Jon Patrick Pops His Head Above The Parapet On ED Systems. NSW Health Highlighted.

Jon has just alerted to e-Health Community to a Magnum Opus on Emergency Department (ED) computing based on a range on NSW Experiences and a lot of research.

I will let him introduce the work:

“For those of you interested in the problems in EDs and don't want to read my 190 page report at

which covers:

This is a study into the roll-out of Cerner FirstNet into EDs in NSW.

- The original study was issued in Dec 2009 (Part 3.1).

- This has been added to with a new study in 2010 consisting of discussions with 7 ED Directors (Part 3.2),

- Discussions with software experts who do performance evaluations on Cerner sites (Part 3.3),

- Reviews of Entity-Relationship Diagrams (Part 3.4),

- Schema descriptions and data tables from customer installations (Part 3.5 & 3.6).

- All this information is coalesced to establish a much more detailed picture of a Cerner installation (Part 3.7).

- A number of weaknesses are identified in the design and implementation and risk assessments are recommended for organisations using this software or intending to use it. Regulations that might minimise the risks to users of health software are recommended (Part 3.8).

- An alternative architecture and method for constructing clinical information systems is presented (Part 3.9). “

Already there has been some commentary and as Jon mentions there is a blog, by Scot Silverstein that has drawn out some of the more important points. This is found here:

I am sure there will be many who are interested to have a look at both the blog and the work. Comments are welcome and I am sure he will respond to the useful and interesting ones.

The ED Director's comments are just damning of NSW Health and their approach to their clinicians (Part 3.2). Read and weep!



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